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Blogging for a passion:

The basic idea of creating a blog should be to help others with the information that you have. Don’t start blogging, just to earn money. From the very beginning, we should clear the basics of blog writing. The main intention of a blog is to share information, which is useful and unique and it adds value to the whole system. For example, if your hobby is gardening and you want to share your unique ideas of different gardening tips to the world, it will add value to the readers. So, it’s very important to create unique information that adds value to the readers.

There may be other sites with the same ideas and information. But the success of your blog depends on how you present your information to the readers. There are basic elements of design to create a blog. For example, there are many books shop in an area but all the shop doesn’t get the same amount of customers on their store.
blogging basic

The success of the store depends on many factors:

  • Category of books he keeps: A shop can either keep all types of books (General Store book) or it can keep books related to a particular subject or topic (Specialized Store).  In blogging its calls as “Niche Selection”.
  • Getting a trade license, a unique and meaningful name that represent the nature of books that you keep. In blogging its calls- Domain name registration. E.g.,, etc.
  • Getting a place to run the shop- Taking Hosting (
  • If he keeps general books, his completion will be high (as there will be lots of other general book stores) he may get limited customers but he will get better stock availability as he is focusing on a specialized topic, rather than trying to sell all categories of book. (In blogging terms- getting ranking in search engine – Keyword research (google keyword planner)
  • Location of the book shop. The shop must be available or visible to its customers (SEO- Search Engine Optimization, SEO optimization plugins-Yoast SEO)
  • Tracking review of customer visits and other reports of customer behaviour: Setting up Google Analytics, Google Search console: for tracking visitors behaviour in your blog. How much time they are spending, from where they are coming etc.

The main success of the book shop will depend on, how carefully he does the above task. A new shop owner may try to copy another successful shop. The second copycat may get success. But if all others, whoever comes to create a book shop, copy the first book owner, they will not get the same amount of customers (visitor), because there are limited numbers of customers for that category.  Even if he gets new customers, their volume will be very less.

The gist of the entire example is that we can only be successful, if we create a unique website, with unique information. Our blog content should be designed, keeping the readers in mind. If you are able to do so, eventually your blog will get readers, who will spend time in your blog and will also promote to others.

To summarize: Keep these basics of blog writing in mind while starting

  • A Blog is for you to showcase your unique ideas or information to the readers. It’s should add value to the readers.
  • It has to be reader-friendly as well as search engine friendly (SEO is a must)
  • If readers give value to your content (spend time in your site), the search engine will also give importance to your site and will rank.
  • Don’t just create a blog by writing to short time viral topics, build value not short term sensation.
  •  Learn everything by trying and applying practically, because in digital world, everything is free and if you fail, you have nothing to loss. You can start over again.  

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