Best ways to make money from home online

make money from home online

There are lots of ways to earn money online. Depending on your interest and amount of time you can dedicate for this online thing, below are few ways to make money from home online. If you search in google the term- how to make money from home or ways to make money online, there you will find the below options-

  • Become a virtual assistant.
  • Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist. …
  • Trade cryptocurrency. …
  • Online tutoring. …
  • Sell services on Fiverr. …
  • Build sales funnels. …
  • Rent out your home. …
  • Launch an e-commerce site.

But if you think none of this is suitable for you, I can suggest below few options that can be started with very less amount of investment but with tremendous dedication and willingness to work consistently for a minimum one year. The options are-

Blogging- Best ways to earn money from home online.

I have chosen “blogging” in the first place for ways to make money from home online as this required a very less amount of investment and also involves less effort in building the content in comparison to the youtube channel, affiliates marketing and content creation. If you are not comfortable in making videos and not comfortable in public speaking, blogging is best for you. Below are the guidelines to start with blogging.

make money from home online

Selection of topic (Niche ):

Don’t think to much about the best niche to earn money. In the first place you should start with an area of your interest, where you would love to work on. Once you decided the niche you can go for buying a domain name and hosting.

Selection of domain name and hosting:

Selection of domain name is tricky and you need to be smart in this. Look for a domain name that is more generic and where you may cover many topics (if the first selected niche does not work, you can start another niche with the same domain name). Let me explain, for example, I have taken for my blogging venture. The reason for this name is that I was not sure about what topics I would start my blogging for, but the name albitinfo ( is a short form of Art, literature, business and IT information) is a generic sound word related to information.

For domain name and hosting I am using and I would suggest the same for you as it is simple, easy, fast and very low price. The customer service is very active and you can get an instant response from them.

Installation of WordPress and going live:

Once you are ready with your domain name and hosting the first thing you do is the installation of WordPress and building your website. Before you start with your writing you can need to study on SEO, keywords and google search console and Plugins.

Monetizing your website:

Once you build an appealing website with minimum 10 to 15 pages of related information and you may ready to go for monetizing your website. The most popular monetization is Google Adsense. Apart from Adsense, there are many affiliates program where you can enrol and promote the product and services through your websites post and earn commission on successful purchase through your link.

In an upcoming post, I will cover all the practical information related to SEO, keyword searching and other ways to make your site more visible on the internet.

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